05.01.2001 // Part II

Falling, falling, falling.
Falling down.
Sinking beneath.
Beneath ground. All human knowledge.

Under the ground, yet above it all.
Under truth, yet discovering reality.

If I uncovered your mask,
Stripped you of all clothing, accessories, fake expressions, faces, personalities;
What would you be?
Who would you be?
A nothing?

Skin and flesh.
Moulded perfectly.
Moulded with precision and perfection.
Unlikelihood. A dream.

Would you let me mould you?
To my perfection? Using my direction to achieve a dream?

Who’s dream?
Perfect body.
Faceless, passive personality.

Where have you gone?
What happened to you?

Stripped of clothing, surroundings and familiarities – where are you then?


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