05.01.2001 // Part III

Found in my arms or those of another?
Lost in my arms?
Lost in a dream? Perfect dream.
Faceless, passive dream.
Beneath truth, above reality.

Truth and reality intertwine.
With me.
Form a triangle.
Will we let you join?
Do you want to join?
If you do, the triangle is broken.

New life is born.


Truth, reality, you and me.
Joint. Partners.
If one leaves the group,
There is a missing link.

The shape becomes extinct and the remaining three are lost.

Give me a reason to love you;
Otherwise I am lost; in my own confusing feelings for you.

Tell me. Why? If you love me.
If you.
I don’t want to know what happens under truth.

You can’t force truth on someone:
It must be in their blood.
Flowing and intoxicating every organ, every muscle, every bone.

Do you care about me?
Are you in it for the game?
Why do you claim me?
Am I merely a possession?
Do you care?

Open your heart.
Care for life.

Strive for dreams.
My dream – your dream.

Everybody feels like it’s their fault.
Their turn.
To die.
Or dream.


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