love from afar

Even from afar.
The love you share with me.
Astounds, flatters, illuminates me.
Even from afar.

Dare I imagine how this love might manifest, multiply
once the miles between us finally shorten?
This love.
Deep, truthful, sure, respectful, fulfilling, exciting love.

A comfort.
A future.
A future with you.
Oh, the thought now that this future looms mere double digits away.
Un tel frisson.

The bird will finally be flying to you.
Home to you.


One response to “love from afar

  • informationforager

    I liked this poem and it reminded me of a movie. “The Love Letter” with Ellen Degeneris and Tom Selleck and Blythe Danner. It’s about a misplaced letter that accidently keeps getting circulated around to delivery to others. They each thing the Love Letter is to them. Most people won’t really like this movie but I thought it was really good…. They talk about Epistalory Love.

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