more sleep.

Friday: 7 hours.
Workout. Work. No contact. No contact. Rehearsal. Dance. No contact. An emotional hour. I want sushi. A tired hour.

Saturday: 6 hours.
Lunch. Rehearsal. Workout. Family. Bbq. Your lips. Unexpected.

Sunday: 6 hours.
Workout. Your lips. Coffee. Workout (again).  Your lips (again). Panic. Waiting. Sunshine. Best friend pierced. Waiting.

Monday: 5 hours.
Conference. Rehearsal. Workout. Non-event. Cleaning. Disappointment. Your hold.

Tuesday: 5 hours.
Airport. Conference. Rehearsal.Workout. Wine. Best friend. Gossip. Cuddles. Ice cream.

Wednesday: 5 hours.
Workout. Work. Rehearsal. Food. Rehearsal. Missing. Mistake. Your smile. Food. Dance.

Thursday: 4 hours.
Work. Phone. Email. Food. Workout. Rehearsal. Application. Application. Application.  Food. Rehearsal. Food.

Friday: sleep.
Rehearsal. Food. Work. Phone. Email. Application. Work. Rehearsal.  Interview. Work. Shoes. Rehearsal. Dance.

One hour.
Game on.  Electrolytes to follow.


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