Monthly Archives: June 2012

15.06.03 (IX)

was it really 3am?
in my head,
it was always 3am.

and now.
the ache remains,
and my pain is no less.

is it really 9 years?
in my head,
it still feels like yesterday.

and now.
in my head,
we’ll always be 18.

is it really?
let me hear you,
‘everything will be okay.’

you knew.
until soon.


the weak of ex.

Happy birthday

perfect dreams and
media coverage.
no ache,
but a dull throb.

don’t call me.

let me lapse;
temporary, silent, fallen,

ever wondered why ‘collapse’ includes ‘lapse’?

me neither.

Happy birthday
of silence.
please drift by swiftly.
do not repeat.

more hot, sweaty, restless dreams.

the last time.

call me.
it’s surprising.

but I don’t remember the last time I laughed so hard.

so many fucked up decisions, choices.
but you were not one of them.