falling under this will
can I sink?
can I break?
will you finally let me go?

what of that ripple?
I feel terror.
I feel poised for annihilation. obliteration.
vulnerable, but accepting.

what of that hand?
tender, soft, ever caressing, hand.
but to trust?
I have nothing left.

I want to feel the softness
to try again?
to attempt and fail again?
not again. this time.


2 responses to “precipice.

  • thedreamjournaltoday

    Have faith and have patience…It will get better one day.
    I wish you the best and may you find your path to happiness…
    With love and blessings from a passerby…<3
    Miss M

  • cherylz1961

    I have suffered from clinical depression due to the location of a brain tumor that was undiagnosed for nearly 10 years. I wish there was a way surgeons could cut out depression they way they cut out my brain tumor. I am sorry you are so sad. I found this song encouraging, I hope you do too.
    Simple Gifts by Jewel

    I have an encouragement blog you might want to visit. You can read my personal story by going to CATEGORY and scrolling down to MY BRAIN TUMOR STORY

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