there are no more pictures.

you are the one
i want to run to
the only one
i wanted to tell

i gave you secrets and tears
and i felt your hand
tightly embrace my heart before
i gave you my words.

you never promised
not to hurt me.
but so angry, protective
when others did.

how do you just forget?
now, in this pool of agony
your face is harsh, passive
anything to avoid my searching eyes.

and it is all i can do in my strongest moments
to distract from the memories;
touch, move, melt, fall.
and i gave you my words.

did i dream it?
you’re always in my dreams.
did i bore you?
it’s okay, i bore myself.

you always made out like
i was in control.
do you feel guilty?
all those times i tried.

but you waited until
you had my words.
they are not enough, i told you.
now i stand discarded with my defeated words. i told you.

“after living in the dark for so long,
a glimpse of the light can make you giddy.”
i thought it was you.
you told me, and i believed.

i never believe.
i stand on one leg.
symbolic and a cliche all at once.


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