At the end of every school year…

At the end of every school year, I would proclaim
what a pity the beginning of sunshine and free days
seemed to destine all previous learning, discoveries and knowledge
to a dark hole of my mind,
proving so difficult to retrieve, sometimes lost forever.

Older adults thought it a waste;
I marveled at how such thoroughly acquired skills and knowledge
Could so easily be forgotten
And I didn’t have to do a thing but relax and play for two months!
Wondrous memory removal – sometimes I felt I could wipe even more than a year.

At the end of me, I hoped that by hiding in my hole
You would be forgotten. Only it has been more than two months now.
More than a year.
Ironic it would be, if one could attend a course to un-learn
Everything you taught me about life
Every fact you forced into belief.

It hurts.
And it has been more than 2 months.
Why are these lessons continuing to reside at the very front
Of my lobe?
The very moment I wake.  Every second I breathe.
As I run, charm, sleep, dance, try to eat. Try to sleep.

When can I escape?
When can I be wiped?

If I can not be wiped, why must you keep me?
Have pity, have mercy

Remove me.


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