deciding to be happy.


what’s it like?
where do you find it?
do you have to fight
forever to keep it?

how do you choose it?
what about the rest?
if you choose happiness,
what happens to all the rest?

sometimes I think I see it.
sometimes I think I want it, the simplicity.
slow dance of tranquillity, peace.
healthy, like the ever-elusive 8-hrs of sleep.

what hinders you to feel it?
does it hide?
the endless battle, continuous test;
will you be strong enough?

not to choose it
is to choose the rest.
black soul of comfort, pure lake
rich in the warmth of venomous sinew.

sometimes I think I hide from it.
sometimes? place my hand in the twisted pool
and entwine my ankles in the thick, protected roots,
harsh, jarring dance. tangled.


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