Monthly Archives: June 2013

pieces ii.

piece it all,
find intrinsic

lust and lunacy?
fuck off.

fighting the lost
don’t surrender;



the usual.

the only ones awake are the lonely and the loved.

my heart is still breaking.

my hands are still shaking.

my skin is still frozen.

my eyes are still swollen.

my stomach is still twisted.

my mouth is still cracked.

i will miss you. and you.
for the rest of my life.

finding peace.

where the trees weep,
and where the birds sing;
i see your face.
you’re in front of me.

on the dark bench,
i am peaceful;
two dark shadows
are loping towards me.

where the clouds whisper,
and where the chill is so;
you grasp my hand in yours
to keep from freezing.

when you take me high
and the world feels underground;
i feel your breath.
you’re in front of me. again.

where the shadows play,
and the night is calm;
“my lips are flirting with you”.
you’re in front of me. again.

where the distance between us,
is all that matters;
i see your eyes; your darkness; you see mine.
you’re in front of me. again.

where the noises are finally silent,
and everyone wants a say;
i know you would’ve let me go.
you would be in front of me.

now you’re gone.
who’s going to let me go?