so young. too soon.
the scent, tragedy of those
who went before me.

i do not remember
most, but
society reminds me

the loss of those
with talent and a future
and “just so much” potential.

i grasp at potential
like it is a common
attribute to bind us

and clutch at the
moment my fate
could mirror theirs

only my potential
is a lie, a mask
i dare not uncover.

perhaps it was
such for them
and the joke for society

where others envy
the talent, the fame
i envy their escape.

so on account
of the impossible
i dream of an exchange

take me instead
i know only their name
and their fame

but take me instead
and have them fulfil
the potential you wished upon them

Heath Ledger
Kurt Cobain
Princess Diana
River Phoenix
Grace Kelly
Bob Marley
Janis Joplin

and my best friend.
bring him back
to those who miss his smile.

and i.
take me back
so i no longer have to smile.


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