dissociative veil.

where does it go
the translucent veil
of numb confusion

i heard my own
voice in hers
sitting and waiting

for black silence
“… i feel as if i am not

await, await, await
the dream. of fluid.
i see it, but it goes

where does it go
my neck aches
and sighs recalling finer

the glazing becomes me
where did she go
and why don’t they see

how to feel
push for pressure
tear and strip and burn

in the mirror are egg-shaped
potholes not soul-windows
black spots, holes of boredom

handful of flesh
wait to extract and feel
disgust and repulsion

plough, run, try not to
look beyond reflection
believe in humanity

willpower and tested balance
so tired and corrected
the drugs to rise

unabashed smile
shameful pity
resigning to the life lie


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