Monthly Archives: July 2015


because some days
it hurts,
more than others;
even to talk
to you,
or see your name;
let alone your eyes.
the game is tough
to maintain
and you never want to acknowledge,
how it rips and tears
at my sinew and spine.

how my tears are not for you,
but for my stolen
and my soulless voice —
you won’t ever be mine.

we both know,
but you refuse to admit it.
so i wait
not for you,
but for your denial
to be revealed
and truth
to finally
let me go.



these empty wings
were waiting,
with a relentless
don’t push me down
just grasp my lungs
and drown me.

wear the face
of hope.
they get tired of
sadness and pain.
but then
don’t be so surprised
when i want
to disappear.

i don’t want.
give me every drug
in the store.
i don’t want.
any more.
please stop trying:
it’s over. let me go.


i dream;
of kisses
so limitless,
you would leave me
with none to spare.

concrete security;
and trust
so limitless.
we can run out of words
but never love and adoration.

how long;
they wonder
her patience.
can surely not be limitless
yet the endless possibility taunts her.


it is everything you need.
it is nothing.

beneath the flow of tides
and cherry blossoms;
and riding high on leaves
of silk and gloss.

i won’t look down too soon;
i know what is waiting;
why prolong the hatred
of falling.

subconscious love and terror –
simultaneous fear and bliss.

how far is too far,
to fall under
the wave
of desperation and chaos.

all the while, a facade
of cool indifference
and unique persuasion.

they can hurt you
til you bleed dry;
and you’ll still be
begging for forgiveness:

“i am sorry.
i loved you.
i could pretend.
…i am weak.”

feed the hungry,
comfort the poor.
reside in complete black
and cherish your silence.

the voices will return
to suffocate
and crush you.

around you.

do you ever
the cones
around you.
with simultaneous
confusion and shame?

do you ever
the features
around you.
with utter
disappointment and disassociation?