it is everything you need.
it is nothing.

beneath the flow of tides
and cherry blossoms;
and riding high on leaves
of silk and gloss.

i won’t look down too soon;
i know what is waiting;
why prolong the hatred
of falling.

subconscious love and terror –
simultaneous fear and bliss.

how far is too far,
to fall under
the wave
of desperation and chaos.

all the while, a facade
of cool indifference
and unique persuasion.

they can hurt you
til you bleed dry;
and you’ll still be
begging for forgiveness:

“i am sorry.
i loved you.
i could pretend.
…i am weak.”

feed the hungry,
comfort the poor.
reside in complete black
and cherish your silence.

the voices will return
to suffocate
and crush you.


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