Monthly Archives: August 2015


i can drink
to all the fragments
of love
we shared.
but i will
no longer fight
to force them
into completeness.

there are too many
missing pieces
and the remaining
shapes are bent:
they cannot fill the void.
they don’t fit.

i have tried,
but we are
merely fragments
of a love puzzle;
two souls
never to be fulfilled.



so this is how it ends
the final cut
with a trademark
dismissive, mocking stare.
like i should have known
all along.
and what a grand joke
it has been.


falling again.
slaughtered by the hook;
a human skewer,
paralysed and

game, set, match.

we’ve played this game before;
i know the sequence
and the outcome.

i miss your heart;
it has been gone
so long,

and while i waited,
mine dried up
and lies cold.

i miss your eyes:
kind, and

but when i see you
mine are punished
and left parched and swollen.

no amount of training
has ever left me
in so much pain

as the ache
and destruction
left by you.

i only want
to love and be loved
by you.

but you break
my heart


you are just
the same
as all the rest.

and i am just
the same
as i always am.

you will be
i will be silent.


an education.

you told me you wouldn’t hide me;
you told me you wanted to love me;
you told me you needed me…
i needed you.
you’ve taught me not to,
and you’ve taught me i can’t believe a word you say.