stumbling over aberration.
faux and  belittling consternation.
keeping up with a fast food nation.
watching the softly dying population.
stop pretending bipartisan cooperation.
a lack of war but not carbonation.
situation normal, flailing aggregation.
watch it grow, helpless coagulation.
pizza pies and super-size suffocation.
call me nothing, believe the mass allegation.

mini skirts and shameless degradation.
betrayal of family and body emancipation.
cease the joke of worldwide facilitation.
stay high, stay tripping on hallucination.
encourage and crucify immigration.
why now? they will force your ovulation.
over-simplified and over-regulation.
i see the acid rain. i wait for saturation.
call batman, call banana man; await transformation.
there is nothing – no god – guiding this constellation.


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