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( k i s s ) .

i’ve got no words,
but if you were here,
i’d be kissing you right now.



i could write
about you,
but it wouldn’t
be true.

all i have
is moments of clarity,
moments of pure bliss.
cliche upon cliche.

i don’t remember
a time,
when this part
of my heart
felt so damn calm.

how to write
about you,
when there’s no horror
or pain.
no worry or fear.

how to write
about you,
when you offer
nothing but reassurance
and peace.

how to write
about you,
when i’m occupied
by the thought of you
in every moment.

i wake up


but when
the one you miss
the most,
is the last
you should miss
at all;

it is difficult
not to believe,
that every moment
was intentional
and a humiliating

the reality is,
they stopped
needing you,
before you stopped
needing them.


i lined up
for a new exhibit;
it was like
the other one,
but different.

and you

i walked the streets;
and wondered
which restaurants
reminded you
of my face.

and you

the colours
held your eyes;
i felt you
i felt you missing.

and you

i will return
and return:
to my second home city.
i’d just always
imagined you joining me.

and you

15.06.03 (xv)

i am stuck.
so an ode
to you
i make:
your life for mine.


makes me feel
not quite so alone.


the flood
of memories
always brings with it
a sharp inhale,
and tight, heavy
boulder in his chest.

he misses
the warmth
of her body beside him;
her laugh,
and the depths of her mind
he ran out of time to discover.

his eyes
are full
of the pain and bruises;
careless rejection,
and the pretense of a friendship
that was over long ago.

his lost
his best friend,
and she’d already forgotten him;
like another possession
taken tragically in the flood,
but easily replaceable.


there’s a monster growing in our heads
raised up on the wicked things we’ve said
a great divide between us now
something we should know 

there’s something to remember
and something to forget
as long as we remember
there’s something to regret 

something we should know
there’s a mountain higher than we knew
it’s high but such a bitter view
a great divide between us now 

something we should know
a great divide between us now
on different sides of a great divide

– “the great divide,” the cardigans.


another one
for the cup:
cup of sugar,
cup of tea,
cup of soup.

another one
for the cup:
cup of dust,
cup of glass,
cup of blades.

another one
for the cup:
cup of blood,
cup of salt,
cup of hair.

another one
for the cup:
cup of nails,
cup of grass,
cup of pain.


remember when
i woke up fuzzy,
and you
brought me
chocolate for breakfast?

remember when
i wished to hide
and you
gave me everything
i needed?

remember when
i called you in terror,
and you
held me and
kept me safe?

remember when
i was under attack,
and you
were my
closest ally and strategist?

remember when
i was lost,
and you
found me
and fought for me?

remember this,
whenever you doubt
your worth.

remember this:
i would do
it all again.