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makes me feel
not quite so alone.



i’m getting old,
and the days
are sometimes
sometimes longer.

i’m getting old,
but i will never
stop counting
the moment you stopped
being older.

i’m getting old,
and you’re stuck
in time.
but i will never
forget this day.


i hold you
closer today.
there is no
value in
or January.
or the 7th day
for that matter.

but i often
if you can
see me?
it makes
me feel better
to imagine you can.
and that you
are smiling.

i love you.
thank you
for letting me
hold your love.
for all this time.
all it takes
is a song.
or a smell.
and you’re back.


they never told me
when you were born.
so i picked a random
i don’t think you
would mind.

they never told me
what you were like.
so i discovered you
i don’t think you

but no-one can tell me
what you might
have been like.
at 31.
i don’t think they

i would like
to see you with wrinkles.
just enough to show
you lived.
i try to forget
it broke my heart.


I dreamt of you last night,
only with another name
and in another time.

I dreamt of you last night,
only you were just out of reach
and your kisses tasted like air.

I dreamt of you last night,
only after so many years
and so many memories recalled.

I dreamt of you last night,
only waking in a dispute of agony
and comforting recognition.

I dreamt of you last night,
only it was nice to see your face
and assured that you will never leave me.

15.06.03 (IX)

was it really 3am?
in my head,
it was always 3am.

and now.
the ache remains,
and my pain is no less.

is it really 9 years?
in my head,
it still feels like yesterday.

and now.
in my head,
we’ll always be 18.

is it really?
let me hear you,
‘everything will be okay.’

you knew.
until soon.