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you always
like fresh

and now
you follow
me everywhere:
caress me
as i sleep;
cradle me
from the chill.

you still
like fresh

only your arms
are out of reach.



​she remembers
when he
used to love
now it is
a resentful
he wouldn’t
if he could;
she wouldn’t
if she could.

she remembers
when she
used to love
now it is
a painful
she wouldn’t
if she could;
he wouldn’t
if he could.


and then reality
broke through
her skin
with the fierceness
of a blade;
and waves upon waves
of self-loathing
and the impracticalities,
the burden
of this depressed life.
her head falls
to the caress
of her sweaty,
oily palms.

how to destroy
this feeling?

these days,
her fingers only
stop shaking
when sleep
engulfs her
bleak, diseased body.
she’s seen
the despair before,
but somehow
this entrapment
is different.
she is a fool
faking the light,
before it attacks again.


he followed her
and he wasn’t
so scared;
his feet didn’t
burn up in
mistrust and fear.

she followed him
and she let
his hand go;
her feet grew
old and her
eyes were in pain.

she followed;
he followed.
both and neither;
who led who
down a denied path
or a steady road?


i’m getting old,
and the days
are sometimes
sometimes longer.

i’m getting old,
but i will never
stop counting
the moment you stopped
being older.

i’m getting old,
and you’re stuck
in time.
but i will never
forget this day.


some days
it would be
a luxury,
to stop time;
halt the moments;
and find
a sort of respite;
a pause,
in the spinning

this place
is done.
the wars
won’t end.
and the hatred
only grows.
the people
can not be trusted.
and the animals
have fled.


the luck
ran out;
like it
always did;
like i knew
it would.
i only wished
you would
have stayed
for longer.


even on a sunny day,
it is probably best
our eyes don’t meet
in the rearview mirror.

even on a cloudy day,
you know my heart
is streaming to you;
an embrace unrelenting.

even on a thunderstruck day,
my breath is deep and aching
and i hope your eyes are bright;
i hope it all was worth it.


i missed you
for a moment
too long.
and my eyes
with grief.

i kissed you
for a moment
too long.
and my lips
with your words.

i loved you
every moment.
perhaps it was too long.
because now my heart
is torn
and broken.

black box.

every time
i am on
the move,
i am reminded
that you
once cared,
where i lived,
if i was warm,
if i was safe.

i’m packing up
again and
i found
the black box;
all your gifts,
some words,
and our photos.
i’ll never forget,
wherever i go.