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back in the hot room,
she remembers:
it’s been 11 years
since he walked out;
10 years
since she ran;
7 years
since he begged her back;
6 years
since she was home again.

back in the hot room,
it all came back:
as the warmth
embraced her body,
so too did the sweet
memories of a love
once unknown
and similarly suffocating.

just like the hot room:
you let it break you,
because you think it’s worth it.



it still breaks
my heart;
it still defeats
my soul;
it still feeds
my pain;
i see the grass
and your shoes.
but you are
always facing
the wrong way.
my lessons
a while;
but i have
and i have
the dark.
and i have


you would think
it would crunch
but instead,
the onomatopoeia
brought to mind:

because i had
this apple.
it was solid,
no bruising,
shiny and crisp.
slightly tart,
but overall sweet.

i dropped it;
and you saw.
you saw
what it meant.
so you salvaged
my apple;
dusted, and washed it.

then what?
where did you
put it?
like a game
i never asked
to play.
you gave it away.

i looked up
at you;
staring always
from above.
seeking a reason
for this treachery:
“i hate apples.”