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he is.
i am.
we were.

your touch
is cold
and forced.

my throat
is dry
and empty.

your heart
is small
and fragile.

my fingertips
are reluctant
and strained.

your brand
of love
isn’t mine.

my lungs
keep aching
for more.

your ribs
are bruised
with effort.

you are.
i am.
we were.


‚Äčand then
the dirty blood
thick, gel-like
and brown.

it pooled in clots
and stained
his legs,
and ruined
the cloth.

draw it out;
do your time.
peace will find you,
before a new facade.


the shrill sound
of dexterity and

i tell him
my brain,
and he is
not perturbed.
i tell him
my secrets,
and he only
draws me closer.
i tell him
[and he],
and he
wants more.

the tiny metal
stretching skin
and collecting
deoxyribonucleic acid.