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i could write
about you,
but it wouldn’t
be true.

all i have
is moments of clarity,
moments of pure bliss.
cliche upon cliche.

i don’t remember
a time,
when this part
of my heart
felt so damn calm.

how to write
about you,
when there’s no horror
or pain.
no worry or fear.

how to write
about you,
when you offer
nothing but reassurance
and peace.

how to write
about you,
when i’m occupied
by the thought of you
in every moment.

i wake up


it’s okay.

it’s okay,
(but kind of pathetic);
did you really think
i spent my days
pining and swooning?

you chased,
i sat pretty.
i asked,
and you lied.
i was fearless
and you ran.

it’s okay,
(but kind of pathetic);
did you really think
the pain you caused
meant more than a fading scar?

you chased,
i sat pretty.
i asked,
and you lied.
i was fearless
and you ran.


but when
the one you miss
the most,
is the last
you should miss
at all;

it is difficult
not to believe,
that every moment
was intentional
and a humiliating

the reality is,
they stopped
needing you,
before you stopped
needing them.

t h i n k.

clichés are so
for a reason.

better to be lonely alone,
than lonely despite company?

“i think so,” she said.


like a couple who grows old,
the children leave home,
and the family dwelling
is too big, too unweldy
to maintain.
nostalgia and grief:

like the unwilling assessment
of credit risk and consumer confidence.
black marks and a world renowned
rating scale.
disappointment and reluctance:

like two lovers.
entrenched in expectations
that became too big; unweldy.
a growing risk profile.



he is.
i am.
we were.

your touch
is cold
and forced.

my throat
is dry
and empty.

your heart
is small
and fragile.

my fingertips
are reluctant
and strained.

your brand
of love
isn’t mine.

my lungs
keep aching
for more.

your ribs
are bruised
with effort.

you are.
i am.
we were.

e q u a t i o n.

+ lust
– satisfaction
+ stability
– romance
+ fidelity
– surprise
= lasting love?

did you.

did you die;
and i’m still
in denial?

did you die;
and all i’m seeing
is your ghost?

did you die;
or did i just
dream you?


​i’m doing
it all wrong
every moment
is a chance
for betrayal.
every moment
is a chance
to lose.

in my mind
it is not
a chance:
it is certain.
he will leave,
and you
will fall,
every knife pointed
at my own bloody heart. 


i ponder
what it is like,
to think
you’ve found
The One?

i never believed
in soulmates;
an obscure
concept of time
and human naivety.

instead i have
people find people;
that light them up
or destroy them.

the obscurity
is The One.
how time bends
to meet, and fall