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dear one.
i didn’t know,
i still don’t know;
but you show me
in every moment.

dear one.
if i could
collapse into you,
i would
in every moment.

dear one.
i’m afraid.
but you keep
close to me
in every moment.

dear one.
your patience
is unwavering.
and i’m so grateful
in every moment.

dear one.
let’s laugh and play
and cry and sing
and kiss and dance;
in every moment.

dear one.
i will hold your
love with grace
and tenderness
in every moment.

dear one.
i can only offer
a tattered, broken heart;
but it is warm and yours
in every moment.



he followed her
and he wasn’t
so scared;
his feet didn’t
burn up in
mistrust and fear.

she followed him
and she let
his hand go;
her feet grew
old and her
eyes were in pain.

she followed;
he followed.
both and neither;
who led who
down a denied path
or a steady road?


walk with me
to the edge
and grasp
my wrist;

as we free fall
into the bliss –
we have waited
all the days.

i told them
i don’t care,
and you stood stoic
and warm;

walk with me –
i want your hands,
and eyes, and brain –
hold me in our silence.

do you trust me?
when a single tear
from a week alone
holds all the weight.

i slept last night
and you weren’t there,
but your hand was in mine.
and we slept.

more or less.

i need.
of [you]
and more
of [this].
and more
of the look
in your left eye
as i collapse
into your grasp.

i need
of the [defeated]
and less
of holding [back]
and less
of trying not
to say all the words
i’ve kept inside for years.

more or less,
that’s what
we’re waiting for.


that was a hard
thing to do.
like always,
this paradox
of wanting
so badly
that in the end,
i don’t want
it at all.
the loss when
it is over
is not as deep
as i used to feel.

the surprise
is your trademark –
it happens now,
or not at all –
and i always
if part of you
hopes to miss
the chance
for complexity.
like the forlorn
longing is worth more
than confused frustration.


pseudonyms and
secret games.
membership is full
and we don’t
take your kind.

but come along
so we can watch
just how far
you’ll go
to falter and flail.


i told her
to look outside
i tried to
the light
for her.

he told me
to leave him.
he tried to
destroy her
and render


“keep busy,” she told him;
“stay occupied and distracted.”

but why?
when this is
real life.
to breathe
in the drama;
ride it,
or let it
drown you.
either way,
being busy
only helps
for so long.


sharp shooter,
of proliferation.
i wonder now,
after everything,
was he trying?
i never noticed
until this time
was so blatant
and so offensive
and so abrasive.

ironic and clichéd.
we know it all
too well.
i prefer we carry
the pain now.
i finally understand
it is the only
way to live
with ourselves.
and maintain
the love.


i didn’t forget.
but i ran
out of time,
and out
of head space.
maybe it was
lazy, but i ran
out of time.

i didn’t forget.
but he got
there earlier.
you had already
given up.
i wasn’t late,
but i ran
out of time.