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magnitude of rejection.

it was a stark realisation –
no magnitude of rejection
could outweigh –
not her body,
not her face,
not her laughter,
or intellect,
or humour,
or interests,
or skills;
in fact,
it was her love
they didn’t want.

it was too much,
it wasn’t enough,
it was too late,
it wasn’t the right time.

in fact, they didn’t want
to be loved by her.



the lid
is over-flowing
with familiar

but a different
kind of tremor;
no tears and
just cold, dark eyes.

no heart
can warm me.
i hear your name
and shiver.

memory and
my head aches.
the switch flipped
the wrong way.


it wasn’t long
the whiteboard
was heavy
with ink
and ideals,
scrawling passion.

is it all
that surprising,
the maddening lust
has been replaced:
just give me sunshine,
and your hands –
i’ll be happy forever.


there is
this road
i used to
walk –
i still
walk –
twice, sometimes
four times
a day.

i remember
the dark,
lonely paths,
and the
bright lights;
the quizzical
stares and
blurry footsteps.

straight and
narrow paths
are just
as dangerous
as wild
and winding
tracks; i felt
the dark,
solid weight.

now when
the sun
is shining,
i can
still recall
the black
holes of

[my love].

do you remember
the time
you picked me up
from work?
your car smelt
like wet dogs
but i didn’t
tell you.
your eyes
were sad.
but i kissed
you and i
made you laugh.
later on
you called me
and we walked
and talked.
i miss
your love,
my love.


nothing changed;
maybe the
breeze felt different;
or your eyes
were cloudy;
or your feet
got too hot;
or my hands
were too cold.

nothing changed;
but your voice
was colder;
and my dreams
more vivid;
your connection
grew fainter;
and she lost


they looked
so entwined;
yet knowing
innermost secrets
and cherishing
all the same.

was it
did you have
to fight
for it?
or did
you just

how did
they look,
so impenetrable;
a simple
and the undeniable
i’ve got

the winning percentage.

if you took
the average;
shook it up,
turned it around,
and placed it
on a spirit level.

what percentage?

if you took
a measure,
a survey;
qualitative and
the results conclusive.

what percentage?

because. when i take
stock and breathe;
i shake it;
i turn around;
i go away and
come back again.

what percentage?

because. when i take
time and analyse.
the measure;
the percentage
of tears versus kisses,
is incontrovertible.